Saturday, December 3, 2011

Icy Form

An illuminated mass of drinking straws pours through a fireplace.


An illuminated cascade of strung dots.

My Planetarium

This was a partial geodesic dome that I constructed out of electrical conduit. The lights imbedded between canvas layers create a fabricated starry night.

Fortune Teller Chandeliers

These chandeliers were created from recycled magazines.


A masonite installation on a wall surface.

Rays of stripes

A stripe installation composed of hand-dyed twill tape.

Pattern Play

This was a pattern inspired window- I referenced and simplified a few patterns found in the Alhambra to create a stencil that was then used to paint the windows and create paper lanterns.

Dots dots dots

These dot windows were a huge undertaking for myself and the visual team at work, but the end results are pretty impressive...

Hanger Chandelier

A hanger chandelier that I simply constructed with some hangers and a bicycle rim.

Layered Winter Scene

Old windows recycled into a layered winter scene.

Giant Pinecones

This is a display that I made last year, of huge, suspended cardboard pinecones.

Radiator Cover Cone

This is an illuminated cone made of radiator covers, that I made last year.

Radiator Cover Light

This is a light I created from a radiator cover and some vellum.

Hat Display for Yestadt Millinery

This is a display I created for Yestadt Millinery's presentation during NY Fall Fashion Week, 2010. Lengths of masonite curve and bend to provide a sculptural structure for Yestadt's beautiful pieces to perch on.