Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Unring a Bell

Last March I assisted the amazingly talented director/cinematographer Brian Melton in developing and shooting a music video for the band Grubby Little Hands. It was my first experience doing art direction in film, and I absolutely loved it! Check it out~


Recently I completed windows inspired 
by the environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy.
My mother helped me harvest 
her garden's bamboo for this window.

baby mural

A recently painted mural in a friend's nursery.

Light it up, part 3

I love cafe lights! I hung these up recently outside a local boutique for a neighborhood art event.

C'est Bon

For a parisian-inspired mural, I handpainted a view of the Seine onto sheer panels of fabric.

humble materials

I created these ornate chandeliers out of very basic materials- jute, pastic cutlery, masonite and even toilet chain! Anything gilded and in mass is transformed.

Everything's coming up roses

These flower windows were so much fun to execute. My very favorite design that I handcrafted had to be the ornamental onion, Allium. For the blue in this window we used a hand-mixed indigo bath!